Ok, I’m in. Open Learning ’18

Ok I’m in. Open Learning ’18 a cMooc that will have me “explore all the opens:” Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Open Pedagogical Practices, and Open & Participatory Cultures.  I’m excited but I also admit I hesitate a bit.  It’s the whole cMooc thing.  A cMooc is about communicating and learning by being a part of an online community.  (Very different from the more traditional xMooc with an instructor, set of readings, video lectures and assignments.)  Open Learning ’18 will like other cMooc’s use blogs and twitter and other social media to communicate and I am often more guarded in how I participate online.  But what is learning but expanding boundaries, finding limits and going beyond them.

What are boxes for except for us to open them.

Open and climb out of.

So, Ok I’m in



I got my information about Moocs from this excellent article by Stephen Downes

Downes, S. (2015). Becoming MOOC. Retrieved February 6, 2018, from https://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2015/02/becoming-mooc.html


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